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Bharti AXA- project


Bharti AXA life Insurance is one of India’s leading Life Insurance company. They wanted to use the technology plaBorm available today to make their internal and external sales team more productive. How we helped Bharti AXA Life Insurance company based out of Mumbai build a sales productivity tool for their Sales force

The Problem Statement

Bharti AXA life insurance has a large sales force on their payrolls and an equally larger no of agents who work with them on commission basis. It was a challenge for BAXA to communicate newer products, distribution of product brochures, manage KYC paper work, product calculators etc for the sales force.

They wanted all these and more as tools on the mobile phone which Sales person could carry and do all his basic work and reduce the no of meetings with the customer


Defining Requirements

Since BAXA was one of the first to embark on the concept, it was difficult to determine the accurate project requirements and the potential features which woulddelight the users

Consistent and Simple UX / UI

BAXA wanted to ensure that the app was simple and intuitive enough so that there is no sales training which would be required to done to the sales people. They had plans to build multiple Insurance Calculators for their various products which they had currently and which would get launched in the future. The User Interface had to be such that it could be used in the future for the next 2-3 yrs atleast.

Capturing KYC details

BAXA wanted to also ensure that the sales person is able to close a sales call in one visit to the customer, as in insurance there is a lot of documentation which a customer has to submit which the sales person gets back to his office does the copies and returns back to the customer. They wanted to automate the process which again was very seamless and easy to use

Product Calculations to be Fast

As the product was going to be used by the sales people to make product pitches it was identified that the app should work very fast in every possible location. There should be no delays in the performance of the app else the client might not get interested.


Prototyping and Testing the UX

We studied the working and selling pa]erns of the sales people when hey went on a sales call. We identified the key elements of their selling process. We understood that each product could be broken down into an input and output section. Common components in both the sections were identified and designed. For the more variable ones we leY space that in future they would fit with ease and maintain the same working approach.

Offline Calculation and Data Management

We realised that the speed of sale was very important and that working in a real time connected world wont solve the problem as the connectivity is a challenge in many areas in India. The whole calculation was therefore shiYed to the phone with a local database and all parameters saved in the app.

eKYC App

To capture the KYC details in the app we decided to build the whole KYC module in the app with a server component to handle the documentation in the format as prescribed by IRDA. As photos of the documentation had to be taken we had to ensure that the so many photos geWng uploading dont slow or hang the app. Therefore a structured approach of the documentation was done with a queue uploading process that worked in the background without disturbing the sales person.

Native App Development

As the app was only to be supported on the Android plaBorm we went the native route so that the user experience is not compromised and we are able to achieve a fast response from the app.


  • Each calculation now has a consistent look and feel which removes the learning curve for the sales person. With all the data now on the phone the calculations happen real fast. The sales person can showvarious permutations of the use cases to the customer and get is buy in
  • We saved a lot of time in the whole documentation process right from the sales person to the back office support with automating the process. Now the Sales person just clicks and uploads the details, now the policy closes faster.
  • The customer is also very happy, he now doesntit have to deal with the sales person multiple times and also have copies of his documentation with him as everything has gone electronic.
  • BAXA managed to do substantial cost savings in terms of no of trips by the sales person, cost of collateral and new product roll outs. All in all BAXA managed to get the ROI of the solution in 3-4 months only.


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