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Livpure- Case Study


Livpure is one of the most trusted names in the Indian Consumers market. It is focussed on
delivering superior water purification systems for home and commercial use. Livpure wanted to go
one step ahead in the use of technology and wanted to get it products IoT enabled, this was the first
step in the that direction.

The Problem Statement

Livpure wanted to get closer to the customer and be able to provide to provide them timely
customer service and also ensure that they are able to generate more revenue from the aFer sales
service of their products.
Currently without the use of technology that is not possible but with the advent of the smart
phones and now IoT gettng close to the customer is possible.


Defining the Right Hardware

As this was the first kind of product in the market the knowledge of the IoT and the challenges of
BLE were not well known, defining the Product features and its architecture was a challenge.
Whether to go for BLE or classic BT was another challenge

Clean and Simple to use Interface

The client wanted to give a world class UI experience, with no such reference in
this space it was a challenge to define the user experience. The bottom line was
to have everything in a single page yet not look complicated

Handling Multiple ROs

There were use cases where one home or an office might have more than one
RO purifier fitted. The use case was the possibility of neighbours having the
device on the kitchen walls and the walls were close by. The client wanted a
soluAon to handle these use cases also.


Selection of the Hardware

We built the prototype using the Classic BLE 2.0 chipset and tested the app. It
worked wonderfully on the high end devices but failed on the low end devices.
The we moved to the BLE chipset and that worked well with the high end also
and majority of the low end devices.

Pairing the RO with the App

We didn’t want that neighbours start dispensing water from each others RO,
therefore we included a physical step in the process of registraAon. We
ensured that the person configuring the App with the RO would need to be
near the RO so that he pressed a couple of the buNons so that the RO knew
which device to pair with, this was off course a one Ame acAvity to be done.

Support towards larger Android Phone Base

The customer being Indian and the products being sold in India the customer
wanted to support a large segment of the Android phones. But with Android
being open source the lower end devices not having high quality BLE chipset
was another big challenge

Auto Communication by the App

To ensure timely service of the RO water purifier the client wanted that the App
should at certain defined levels of the RO live indicate to the support team
about its life. The app should keep running in the background and auto connect
with the RO when in range.

Running the Background Service

To achieve the auto communication by the App we had to implement the
background service module in the app. The app would keep running in the
background and keep checking for any devices in range. When in range it would
connect and fetch the RO life from the device, if the RO life was found in the
range specified then it would trigger alerts to the CRM system of the service

Multiple Device Management

Another challenge posed was able to connect mulAple ROs with a single App,
that required a rethink of the architecture and approach. Right from adding
multiple devices to ensuring the running of background services in the app for
auto connect and data sync. This posed a high level challenge but using the core
architecture approach we were able to crack the problem and give the client
what they wanted.


  • The app just has 5-6 screens in which all the work is being done. The
    process for registration to configuration has been made so simple
    with instructions in the app that you can setup the app in less than 2
  • The app is integrated to the Oracle CRM system running in the
    company. Each alerts which gets triggered gets recorded in the CRM
    from where the service picks up the call and manages the client.
  • Now the Customer service team comes to know wel in advance that
    the RO is going to require service even before the customer calls
    them. This has resulted in a higher brand value and recognition in the
    minds of the customer
  • With the full IoT Automation of the product has led to customers
    buying genuine spare parts from Livpure and annual service
    maintenance. Which had led to higher revenues for the company


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